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If you are looking for warm weather, blue skies and sunny days Vilankulo & the Bazaruto Archipelago cannot be beaten. April to November is our cooler, dryer winter season with temperature at times reaching over 30°C by day. It is short and t-shirt weather and what most people from around the world would call an amazing summer. In the evening and early morning, you may need a jacket, and during the night a light duvet is required. Our winter weather cannot be compared to South Africa which is significantly colder at that time of year.

December to March is our hotter and wetter summer season. With Mozambique’s lying in the rain shadow of Madagascar it has a relatively low annual rainfall, and a great deal of protection from the tropical storms and the occasional cyclone which head towards it during this period. When it does rain it is usually very brief but with vigorous downpours after which the sun comes out again. The beauty of Vilankulo & the Bazaruto Archipelago during summer is that it seldom rains enough to spoil the riding and there is usually a cool breeze on the beach.

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