Riding Horses on an African Safari
Riding Horses in Africa with Mozambique Horse Safari

Horse Riding Safety

Horse riding is a physical outdoor activity with inherent risk involved which is why safety is so important at Mozambique Horse Safari.

Saddling can take some time, we will be looking to match horse, riders and saddles to suit the requirements. To do this we will be relying on the truthfulness of your experience and from what we can see in the riding ring – so please estimate your ability wisely. Before leaving the stables we will double/triple check all saddlery to ensure the safest possible ride. 

To ride at Mozambique Horse Safari you will need to be physically able, and have the ability to balance and stay seated on a horse in motion for a lengthy period of time. Riding hats are required and beginner riders will be led by a groom to ensure horse and human safety. 

All riders must be sober and of sound mind to understand the risks of horseback riding and will required to sign our liability release contract. 

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