What to bring

This kit list has been compiled with the help of previous riders based on their experience.


 – Shirts and shorts, please bear in mind the climate. 

 – Trousers or jodhpurs that are comfortable to ride in.

 – Swimming costume

 – Long-sleeved t-shirts to avoid sunburn and mosquitoes

 – Thick socks

 – Hat & sun protection

 – Horse Riding Hat


 – All prescription medicines for the duration of your trip

 – Mosquito repellent 30% deet minimum, it is available here but more expensive than the UK

 – Anti malarias for the duration of your trip

 – High factor sun cream. Enough for the duration as its hard to come by here


 – Boots suitable for riding and working in

 – Sandals / Flip flops / Crocs


 – At least one Visa or MasterCard ATM card. 

 – A valid visa for Mozambique see www.mozambiquehc.co.uk


 – Two pin travel adapter

Long trousers / jodhpurs, long-sleeved shirts to avoid sunburn and mosquitoes, thick socks, riding hat, riding shoes, shorts, t-shirts, sarong, swimwear, sandals, hat, sun block, insect repellent, sunglasses on string, snorkeling equipment (mask fins & snorkel), waterproof camera, torch and malaria prophylaxis.