Vilankulo is world renowned for its superb variety of white sand beaches, alluring golden sunsets and tall palm trees. The beach stretches for tens of kilometres allowing riders plenty of opportunities for exhilarating canters and long trots. The views from the towering cliffs overlooking the Bazaruto Archipelago are extraordinary and will be a memory you will never forget.

We have a herd of just under 20 horse in Vilankulo – they are well looked after by a group of dedicated staff headed by Pat & Mandy Retzlaff. There are a variety of rides along the coast and inland that cater for beginners to experienced riders. Our standard one and a half hour ride is the most popular and convenient for holiday makers. It caters for non-riders as well as experienced riders. The ride incorporates all the wonderful eco-systems in the archipelago; wide open beaches, incredible cliff top views, pristine dune bush and mangrove shoreline. For more information on other rides and prices please

So bring your camera, and capture the freedom of unspoilt beach’s, solitude, and stunning scenery by horseback. The MHS team will ensure that you have the time of your life. To view more pictures please view our