Horse Riding in Africa


"Mozambique is the most beautiful country in the world for beach-riding. It is heaven. The horses themselves are lovely: safe, well-schooled and great fun to ride. I spent a week pinching myself to check I wasn't dreaming."
Kate Kellaway - Journalist, The Observer Newspaper, United Kingdom.

"I fell in love with a lovely white Arab with whom I spent hours cantering along the beach, only stopping to watch the fishermen coming back with their catch of the day - which I knew would inevitably end up on my plate. What more do you need!
Joelle Boniface, Paris, France.

"I am lucky enough to have been on many riding holidays around the world but none quite as memorable as staying with Mozambique Horse Safari. I don't often say this, as the world is full of exciting places to visit, but i shall return."
Roz Hughes, United Kingdom.


This wonderful ride takes us through coconut plantations, cantering over pristine beaches to Enrique's Fishing Village. Enrique the local chief entertains us in true local Mozambican style and sets up a table for us with traditional food. We start off with a refreshing coconut drink and are shown how to eat fresh crab and we taste Matapa a traditional Mozambique dish made from cassava leaves, nuts and coconut milk. During lunch we'll enjoy some amazing tradition African singing and dance by a few members of the community. Please watch the video of the singing and view the photo gallery of the ride.

After lunch we continue our ride through the rural village waving at small children and villagers and head onto  the "Fingerprint of god"; a magnificent viewpoint overlooking the Bazaruto Archipelago. A wonderful days ride experiencing traditional African culture.

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