Come and share in the epic adventures of Mozambique Horse Safari where the legends of our rescued horses come to life. Open your eyes to a different world, where you will ride the beaches on a sprightly bay, swim in turquoise seas and share in our amazing way of life.

Our horse riding safari takes you on a week-long adventure along the Vilankulo coastline with its long stretches of wide-open beaches, to inland lakes and up red sand dunes with breathtaking views of the Bazaruto Archipelago. A highlight is a dhow trip across to the world famous Benguerra Island to ride its magical white sand beaches where time stands still. Riding with Mozambique Horse Safari is a personal experience with Pat, Mandy or Charlotte leading each ride; plenty of time is spent together with guests in the saddle or over dinner sharing stories and experiences

Mozambique Horse Safari

We have 37 horses; with the majority being rescued from Zimbabwean farms at the height of political violence and retold in the international best seller One Hundred & Four Horses. In addition, we have recently acquired a herd of prize winning SA Boerperds. All riding horses are schooled to a very high level, are calm and react easily and lightly to the aids.

Our safari is family run, with a strong sense of personal pride taken to ensure our riding and way of life will be a treasured memory. If you dream of cantering along white sand beaches, swimming in blue seas and enjoying the warm hospitality of island life look no further than Mozambique Horse Safari.

Mozambique Horse Safari